Our partners are basically migratory beekeepers , making profit , this way, of the diversity of spanish honey.

The many varieties of honey we have are:

  • ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY:  Elaborated by bees from orange blossoms and lemon blossoms (citrus sp). It is light amber. It is produced in Valencian region.
  • ROSEMARY:  Elaborated by bees from rosemary blossoms (Rosmarinus officinalis). It is light amber.
  • LAVENDER: Elaborated by bees from the lavender blossom (Lavandula sp.). It is light amber.
  • THYME: Elaborated by bees from the thyme blossom (Thymus sp). It is dark reddish-brown and has a pleasant flavour.
  • LAVANDULA STOECHAS: Elaborated by bees from the lavender blossom (Lavandula stoechas).
  • FOREST OR HONEYDEW: Honey elaborated by bees from the sweet secretions of insects like aphids and cochineal, which suction the sap from pines, holm oaks, firs and cork oaks. Dark coloured and less sweet with resinous smell and flavour.
  • EUCALYPTUS: Elaborated by bees in the eucalyptus forests (Eucalyptus sp). It has a dark colour and a very intense scent, pleasant and balsamic.
  • HEATHER: Elaborated by bees from heather blossoms (Erika sp). It is reddish-amber and it has a bitter flavour. Little scent.
  • HOLM OAK: Elaborated by bees in the holm oak and oak forests (Quercus sp) which produce treacle. It is very dark amber, almost black. Rich in minerals.
  • MULTIFLORAL: Elaborated by bees from a great diversity of flowers. Its colour can vary from an amber tonality to a darker tone.